From the time I was a young girl I've had a passion to learn, to teach and to make a difference. As a teenager I lay in my front lawn at 108 Mile House and read about a teacher who took a class of kids that everyone had given up on and made a huge difference in their lives. I wanted to be that teacher because I too always saw the "smartness" in children despite their challenges and wanted to help them reach their potential. I always felt they were somehow trapped. That led me to move to Vancouver BC where I earned by Bachelor of Education at Simon Fraser University. My drive to understand why some kids have to work harder than others led me to specialize in Learning Disabilities.  

I started out working in  a private school. After taking a leave to start a family, when my children were 4 yrs, 2 yrs and 6 months, everything took an unexpected turn when my 2 year old son was hit by a car - catapulting me into the world of traumatic brain injury and understanding what it is like to fight for your child. 

This led to homeschooling all three of my children, working part time in the public school system, completing further studies in Special Education and eventually becoming  part of a team to support homeschooling families who had children who  struggled with learning in some way.  

Learning should NOT be  a constant challenge but natural and easy. In this new position I started delving into areas that I had not explored previously: visual functioning, timing and neurodevelopment. I felt I was getting closer to understanding the root causes.... but it all came together when I  found Dr Robert Melillo's book Disconnected Kids. For me it was like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!   From that day on I purposed to learn everything I could about the ©Melillo Method so that I could help guide families in discovering the root issues that  make learning & often times living challenging for their child.

I know many of you have been searching. 

Searching for something to truly make the difference in your child's life.

I know many of you have tried many things and others who might be skeptical of something they haven't heard of before. 

I can say with confidence that when we understand how the brain develops from birth and address areas that may not have developed as they should have....the brain can change and unlock one's potential. 

 My hope for you and your family is that you will become as passionate as I have been - to do what needs to be done to help your child - so your child can get done what they need to as easily as possible and  have time to play,  relax  and  spend time with friends and family doing things you enjoy together!  

Whether your child has been diagnosed with a  neurodevelopmental disorder or simply has a challenge learning and communicating you have come to the right place.   I want to help you help your child!  

 When my son Troy was holding on to life after his accident our prayer was that whatever the outcome it would be for God's Glory. I recognize that every child and every situation is different but I strongly believe the potential to progress past what  you may have been told is possible when you honour what the brain needs. One of Troy's occupational therapists also  told us to not compare to others but to always Maximize Troy's Potential!   My passion is to bring to you what I have learned that is not often explored in mainstream education or  rehabilitation so that whatever your situation your child can Maximize their Potential!  



I'm a country girl who lives in the city but am still a country girl at heart.
I love researching my heritage which includes a mission my Great Grandparents started in India. 

I was baptized in a horse trough!

I've downhill skied on 14 different mountains.
I've kayaked in the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans.  
My first date with the "LOVE" of my life was playing tennis 31+ years ago. 
I love to "hobby" I started crocheting again when I recently became a Grandma & have taken up watercolour.
Listening to a  podcast, or finding a plant or bird go a long ways to making  my walk or hike more interesting.
I love the "new kind" of complex, creative and  artsy boardgames. . 

Professional Experience

Bachelor of Education Simon Fraser University  (Learning Disablities, Biology, Psychology Minors)

©Melillo Method Coach 

©Interactive Metronome Provider

 ©Fast Forward Coach (former) 

30+ Years Teaching Regular Classroom, Learning Disabilities, Special Education 

Taught in Private, Public and Homeschool settings. 

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Why Neurodevelopment is the Secret to Maximizing Your Child's Potential

Learn... why I am so passionate to help you help your child.  Understand how the brain develops, why your child struggles and what you can do to                                                     Maximize Brain Potential! 

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